The Padmin Stone

Perhaps there is more to your story than even you know.

Coming to December 2018 in trade paperback and on Kindle.

Check back for more details! In the meantime, follow my blog for sneak peaks, concept art, and more.


Low_Res_PS_72DPISeventeen-year-old Blakely Caplan is counting down the days to college – until she and best friend Cameron enter a portal to war-torn Noríah. Revealed to be a descendant of the throne’s protectors, Blakely must harness the immense power of the Padmin Stone to unify Noríah’s resistance and defeat a dictator rumored to be aided by an evil goddess.

There’s just one small problem: Blakely can only access her powers through self-confidence, and she has never believed in herself.

Very few trust her. A traitor lurks in their midst. Inconvenient feelings for Cameron come to light. Blakely faces a choice as she takes up the mantle of her ancestors: believe in her own strength, or die trying…and let Noríah die with her.