I didn’t want to ask, but I did anyway. “And my role?”

Dell smiled. “You, Blakely, are not the royal heir to the throne. You are the heir to the throne’s protectors. The leader of our forces. The leader of Tér Relsa. It is you who has the ability to bring our forces together to make them stronger, the ability to see Tolleran’s weaknesses, and it is you who is going to win the war against him and bring us peace again.”

My body occupied the chair, my mind took in the words, but I felt more and more numb as Dell recounted everything I needed to know in as short a time as possible.

               Leader of our forces.

               Protector of the royal family and the Lady of Noríah.

               Two goddesses: the Kella and the Darra. Deified mortals: Kella Lusani and Darra Trecault. Two magics: virtuous, lélin. Wicked, wenti. Have had magic (enlé) my whole life but never knew how to use it. Couldn’t use it on the Mainland anyway.

               P.S.: Magic is real.